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360° sentiment analysis, AI-based scoring systems, advanced forecasting models, and high-quality data feeds, all in one platform. Are you ready to trade like a Genius?

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Investing in cryptocurrency can be challenging.

Every digital asset and coin is affected by and produces a vast amount of internal and external signals. Including sentiments, legitimate and illegitimate signals, distributed by a myriad of channels in all sorts of structured and unstructured formats:

And there are no tools to make sense out of this mess.

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The Solution

Trade Smarter with CoinGenius

CoinGenius is an AI-powered cryptocurrency intelligence engine being built to empower traders with real-time data needed to make intelligent investment decisions.

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Extensive signals

AI-powered trading signals that can help investors to cut through the noise. This includes real-time analysis on project communities, overall stability, volatility, and more.

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Signal overlays

Understand the link between market signals and price movements, so you can make smarter trading decisions.

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Coin Price Predictions

Multi-exchange price forecasting with deep learning algorithms powered by our proprietary prediction models.

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Crypto news feeds

Information hubs for traders to access objective, reliable information: Crypto news, ICO analysis, Regulations and market research.

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Consumer Sentiment

Positive and negative sentiment and signals are cleansed, pooled, and quantified into our proprietary algorithms powering our real-time alert system.

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Custom Smart Alerts

AI-powered push notifications and trade signals based on what's happening in the market.

ThE When

Our Timeline.

2018 Q1

Sentiment Collection 1.0
Sentiment Consolidation & Analysis 1.0

2018 Q2

Alpha 1
See Round 1

2018 Q3

Alpha 2
Hire Wall Street Data Team

2018 Q4

Seed Round 1
Beta 1 Launch: Coin Scores & Coin Curated Feeds

2019 Q1

Prediction Corridors 1.0

2019 Q2

User-Defined, Personal Coin Scores

ThE Who

Meet The CoinGenius Team.

Team Member 1

Jeremy Born

Founder & CEO
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Team Member 2

Sam Franklin, PhD

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Team Member 3

Brian Cinadr

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Team Member 4

David Cinadr

VP Data Architecture
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Team Member 5

Kristina Bruhahn

VP Operations
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Team Member 6

Timothy Bogert

VP Business Development
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Team Member 5

Virginia Nunez

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Team Member 5

Jim Emerick

Business Development Advisor
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Team Member 5

Jennifer Shin

Data Science Advisor
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Team Member 5

Wolfgang Strasser

Blockchain, AI, AR Advisor
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Team Member 5

Justin Wu

Growth Advisor
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Team Member 5

Travis Wright

Crypto Advisor
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Team Member 5

Joel Comm

Crypto Advisor
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